✩ Terms of Service

  1. I require 50% of the payment before I start the work, and the rest after I send you the samples of the final pieces.
  2. If you want to cancel your order and I have already started on it, you will not receive a refund, so please make sure you have the funds before commissioning!
  3. I reserve the right to refuse your order. If you decide to rush me or are just disrespectful, you will be removed from the que and I will add you to a list of clients that I will not accept in the future. Please keep in mind that this is my second job, so I want this to be fun and not too stressful. :)
  4. Please have an idea of what you're wanting BEFORE you commission me.

 ✩ Commercial use ✩

If you wish to use the commission in any way that will generate income for yourself (merch, prints, etc), you will have to buy the rights to commercial usage. Prices may very on the size/complexity of the commission itself. Please tell me if you are wanting this BEFORE you commission me.

Base Price List:

Prices are subjected to change.

Please inquire if you need pricing on other pieces.

  • Emotes: $50/each

  • Icon: $50/each

  • Illustrated Character: $80

  • Logo: $120

 ✩ Rush Orders

  • Rush orders are almost always possible, but please message me on discord [@CausePandas#0310] to see if I am available first!
  • These put you at the top of the commission list and are usually completed between 2-3 days.
  • Rush orders are 50% of your total commission price and must be paid in full upfront. [I.E: 1 rushed emote would be $20+10 rush fee = $30]

 ✩ Payment

  1. All prices are in USD and are non-negotiable
  2. All payments are done through PayPal invoice ONLY!
  3. Half [50%] of the payment is required upfront and the rest is due after you have approved the final pieces. Full payments are welcomed upfront as well!
  4. You are locked into the commission spot after the first half of the payment comes through [not when you first contact me].

 ✩ commission Process

  1. Once you have filled out the commission forum, I will take a look over and make sure it is filled out correctly and see if it is approved. If I need additional information, I will message you on the fasted way to contact you. If you have little to no description on what you are wanting, I will decline your commission. The day before I start, I will send the invoice. If you do not pay within the next 48 hours, I will move onto the next client and your order will be bumped down. [E-Checks are NOT accepted due to the delayed payment issue. If you pay with an e-check, I will refund your payment. If you have no other way of payment, I will decline your commission.]
  2. You will be receiving sketches throughout the sketch phase. You will be given 5 revisions for each sketch that is sent to you. Any additional revisions will receive an additional $5+ to your total.
  3. After the sketches are approved, I will start on the final process. During this, I will be sending you what the final product will look like. Here, you're welcomed to ask for up to 3 additional revisions. Any additional revisions will be an additional $5+ to your total.
  4. After the commission is complete, I will send you the second half of the invoice.
  5. After the second payment is received, I will send the ZIP file of your work to your email.

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